Anonymous asked: Not Jessica's fault! Things & people change over time! Sometimes for the better sometimes not! It's part of life! We may not always like it either?

And people like you make me want to leave this fandom.

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Maybe it’s time I be finished with this. This fandom is not the same as what it use to be. It’s not even fun to be apart of anymore with all the Jessica drama. And Bruno barely even talks to us anymore, it’s like we’re nothing to him now…
Idk I’m just done.

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Anonymous asked: At least I'm honest! Unlike you!!!!!!!!

I say my honest opinion, MY honest opinion. That I will not change for anyone. It’s MY opinion so stop trying to change it just because it doesn’t match yours.

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benz0122 asked: I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet but a lot of people say Bruno acts like that when he's out with Jessica. Maybe he does it for her sake but he has to remember that making Jessica happy shouldn't cost him fans. The fans made him the star that he is, not her

I agree with you 100%

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Admit it, this is one fucked up fandom…

We use to be the best… Until all the Jessica drama came along…

Bruno having some trouble with “himself” during a interview


my thick thighs and basic brown eyes will win over someone’s heart one day

Anonymous asked: I think he doesn't like to be alone and I think after what happened with the prior gf, that he found someone who won't challenge him or expect more from him than just material things, which for him is very easy to provide. He desires better but I don't think he sees that.


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Anonymous asked: Wow... that picture comparing the dates!!! I just hope that young girls don't look up to her and her antics. I mean it may look like she's winning in life, but she's really not. If you choose to social climb your way to support yourself, then just no... you need to reevaluate yourself!!

That’s what I’m sayin… and it’s sad that the man we Love, loves a person like that..

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I honestly think some stars forget that they wouldn’t be anywhere without their fans. Like they wouldn’t have a name for themselves and be able to do the things they do if it wasn’t for the people who look up to and support them. And all fans want is to sometimes feel appreciated in return, because we don’t do this shit for nothing. How hard is it to sometimes just return a little bit of the love back to your fans? Apparently a lot harder for some, but that’s none of my business~


that one celebrity crush that is both the cutest person you have ever seen but also the sexiest motherfucker on the planet