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"Nobody saw the struggle, they just see the reward…" (Lyrics from August Alsina’s “Nobody Knows”) — (x)


“hellenvo: #tbt 2010 with #BrunoMars @ The Pearl in Hawaii”
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When someone asks me how long have I been single for

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Anonymous asked: No girl you are not the only one! I was watching features from Rio 2 and when he was recording welcome back I just melted lol

Mmm I knowww! I love when he hits them high notes!
Or don’t get me started on when he performs, some of the sounds he makes?! Mmm sex on stage I swear

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Watching some of Bruno’s old performances…

Am I the only one who gets turned on when he hits them high notes perfectly? lol

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And if it also controls your relationship & who you choose to be with… 👎💰💰
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Natalie, she ran away with all my money and she did it for fun, Natalie, she’s probably out there thinking it’s funny telling everyone, well, I’m digging a ditch for this gold-digging bitch, watch out she’s quick, look out for a pretty little thing called Natalie, if you see her tell her I’m coming she better run

Anonymous asked: Him and G are so effing cute!

I knowwwww!
Just melts my heart ❤️❤️❤️

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