Anonymous asked: Beg him to stop because he's too much? I don't know.

Are you the anon that sent the message yesterday?

04-23 / 11:45
Anonymous asked: Its funny what the other anon said, it seems more like you would beg him not to stop although either way you're still fucked

Well that’s why I asked. I didn’t know if they meant I would have to beg him not to stop lol because why would I beg him to stop lol

04-23 / 11:08


Bruno Mars circa 1999-2003 Part 2


Bruno throwback photo. #Disguyz #Hawaii

  • Interviewer: Any truth to those stories that you’re planning to get married?
  • Bruno Mars: No!

Bruno for Billboard Magazine by Kai Z Feng


(18/04/2014)Hawaii Music Supply: Bruno loved the uke. Said it was an honor to play our instruments. Wow, such a nice guy”


New picture of Bruno for Billboard Magazine


heathereugenio: @BrunoMars just a little nostalgic after seeing the concert tonight #MoonshineJungleTour #HighSchoolMemories101