Watch, now that Jessica says she won’t post about her relationship anymore, all of her post will now either be about Bruno’s family or she’ll have something Bruno related in every picture and tweet. Lmao really? Smh

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What If Bruno does the ice bucket challenge shirtless?! *__*
He can at least do it in a white shirt… I hope…

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Anonymous asked: Ikr Presley has been bitching a lot on twitter lately. First telling us to mind our business about the tour bus thing, when it wasn't really her business either and then saying the ice bucket challenge isn't a good thing and celebrities are just doing it for likes. I mean like really... If Presley was ranting like that and she was really famous her fans would drop a lot but her followers are Bruno's fans so it doesn't affect much


This is exactly what was in my mind like yo Pres sit yo ass down with ya flop ass band whos ridding your brothers coat tail the ONLY chill ones are Tahiti and Jaime

We have to some how get Bruno to do the ice bucket challenge lol

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I wish someone would nominate Bruno for the ice bucket challenge… Lol

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Anonymous asked: Follow me back !?

I don’t know who this is …??? You sent it on anon.

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