Baby Bruno + Grown up Bruno = FANGIRL

Drumming helps a lot when I’m producing songs or writing songs. My knowledge of drums helps more in that aspect, (although) I don’t know, man; I’m not great at any of them. The guys we’re talking about, the Hendrix-es, are guitar players. I can put some chords together and maybe write a song, but I’m learning every day. And that’s the fun part.


this gif set was the best moment of my life

"Mars wears his trademark fedora and two gold necklaces, establishing a sort of Sinatra-meets-Saturday Night Fever vibe. His manners also are old-school dapper; he gallantly pauses to let a female reporter descend a staircase before he does, then asks her if it's OK if he smokes. Granted permission, he grabs a cigarette and a can of Coca-Cola — Classic, of course." - USA TODAY 2012
Anonymous asked: I don't even have words for what you are anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you really think I care?

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fuxwitbruno Bae Heres some old posts of mine that will inform you more on the Granny bitch. (Yea I had to deal with her shit for the longest too and i still have to even though i blocked her ass but she still goes on anon ugh!)  http://thehooliganhangoutspot.tumblr.com/post/75955644077/bitch


I’m soooo done with her shit Mann I’ve blocked her like 15 times ughhhhhhhhhhhh
Anonymous asked: Favorite bruno song?

Hmm I honestly love them all! & a lot of times my fav can change depending on how I’m feeling too
Thanks for asking :)

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hooliganrehab asked: You're amazing just the way you are. ♥

Thank you bb :*

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